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Decision Making : Fritz Hansen magazine cover A DECISION FOR PRECISION

Great decisions emerge from great designs. From business decisions made around a conference table to creative decisions made on a sofa to personal decisions made while chatting in a kitchen. Whether formal or informal, furniture facilitates a dialogue, a discussion and an exchange of ideas.

Likewise the reverse is true. Great designs emerge from great decisions. At Fritz Hansen, there are a myriad of decisions involved in creating a design. Each piece of furniture is the result of numerous details and decisions as to the size, shape, materials, processes, etc. Decisions often made over months of development.

Take our new minuscule chair and table by Cecilie Manz. It’s an example of exquisite craftsmanship – reflecting our ongoing decision for precision. Where every millimetre matters. Or our decision to re-use the remnants of our Series 7™ chair and give design students the chance to create a completely new seating solution. Even Sir Paul Smith, a highly respected British fashion designer, made the decision to go from fashion to furniture, by creating a vibrant series of textiles launched on a selection of Fritz Hansen’s classics during London Fashion Week.

It’s all there – and more – in our new edition of REPUBLIC.

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As a company keen on creating designs which exude beauty, simplicity and functionality, it should come as no surprise that sustainability is high on our agenda. Pursuing a formula where we make things last as long as possible achieved through a process that’s as sustainable as possible. It’s reflected in the way we design, operate and cooperate, our choice of materials, processes suppliers and other factors in our entire supply and production chain.

Deep in our DNA is a desire to create designs that last lifetimes. More than anything, we strive to develop timeless, enduring designs. Objects with a simple, streamlined signature style, which feel at home in your world generation after generation. It’s a philosophy which involves seeing, feeling and knowing. Elements which work on different levels, requiring the utmost attention to details and plenty of patience all along the way. This issue of Republic is a tribute to projects and individuals where things have taken taking just the right time.

This issue of Republic focuses on the individuals, the tools, the raw materials, the history or the philosophy behind. We allowed ourselves to dwell on a certain material, go behind the scenes and deeper than before, even inside the furniture.

New talents are an indispensable incentive within the creative world. This issue of Republic is dedicated to talent. You can meet some of today’s leading creative souls and read about their creative practices and which talents they admire.

In this issue you can read about the collaboration between Cecilie Manz and her assistant Line Depping, how a folded napkin became the foundation for sublime craftsmanship, see the making of Series 7™ and read about how trees pave the way to a better climate. As a special treat you can get a unique preview into our design department’s workshop and their ongoing experiments.
THE 1ST ISSUE : Fritz Hansen magazine cover THE 1ST ISSUE

Republic of Fritz Hansen™ has been reborn! With this first vibrant and dynamic issue, we have the pleasure of inviting you to be part of the life in and around the republic. We want you to join and enjoy this new forum of ideas, and share our love of design. The focus of Republic online is everything that can turn our eyes in new directions and nourish our creative fire…

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